December 5, 2008

Original Name: – Abdul Rehman Mughal

Nick Name: – Sarmad Sindhi

Father’s Name: – Hayat Ali Mughal

Birthday: – Original 7th May 1958, but in Certificates 7th July 1961.

Birth Place: – Pareyalo, District Khairpur Meeras

Childhood Hobbies: – Swimming and playing musical instrument, “Chang”

Basic Education: – Primary from Pariyalo, High School Pariyalo and Technical Collage Khairpur

Technical Education: – Diploma in Civil Technology from Technical Collage Khairpur in 1979-80

Bachelors Education: – B-Tech (Civil)

Number in Brothers and Sisters: – 5

Marriage Date: 24th December 1993

Marriage Day: – Friday and death also occurred on Friday

Spouse: Marriage from Sindhi Pathan family

Marriage Type: Arranged

Hajj: – With mother on 1993

Teachers in Music:-

Ustad Suleman Buraro, Qaimudeen Khokharani, Ustad Mujeed khan, Shahid Bazmi,

Regular coming on Radio and TV:- 1985

First Recordings on TV

O baga loti,

Raat aye waye,

Tuhinje yaad je waree aa weeer,

Ideal Singer:- Manzoor Ali Khan, Dhol Faqeer, Faqeer Abdul Ghafoor

Favourite Singers:-

Mohammad Yousuf, Abida Parveen and Manzoor Sakhirani,

Fovourite Poetry Writers:-

Shah Abdul Latief Bhitai, Shaikh Ayaz, Ibrahim Munshi, Haleem Baghi and Zahid Shaikh

Poet most sung:-

Zahid Shaikh

First Cassette Recording Company:-

Tauseef Studios Karachi

Total Cassettes:-

Almost 50

Favorite Composer:-

Bipe Leharee, Faroz Gul, Shahid Bazmi, Zahoor Khan Zaibi

First Accident:-

April 1993, Peer Village, on Sukkur road, at Naich. (Incidentally, the first as well as second accident happened when he was going to attend marriage ceremony)

Second Accident:-

On 27th December 1996 on Friday Morning

Accident Place:-

In Thatta district, near Deewan Sugar Mill

Last Mehfil of Life:-

On the occasion of a marriage ceremony at Badin

Last Kalaam (Song) in his last Mehfil:-

O Qatil, Badlo wathandaseen……………….

Singers who sing like Sarmad:-

Ahmed Mughal, Saagar Sindhi, Nadeem Sarmad, Sarmad Ayad, Sarwaich Sindhi, Mehran Sindhi, Sarwar Udaas, Fayaaz, Najeeb Shaikh.

Death Prayer led by:-

Maulavi Abdul Fataah Memon

Day of Death: – Friday

Place of Burial:-

Near Makhdoom Ismail Rematullah’s tomb in graveyard

Buried in his father’s feet.